white doves


White Doves For Sale

Looking to buy white release doves for a wedding, majic act, dove release, funeral or other special occasion. We are a breeder of white homing pigeons for event releases. We provide quality birds that will find their way home. Our birds are bred from performance parents that have flown home from events themselves. We also breed pure white doves

White doves

 White doves used in ceremonies, which are released into the air are actually white homing pigeons, also known as rock doves. A true dove would not be able to return to its home if released. They do not posses the homing instinct. They would not survive in the wild. Doves should never be released to fly into the air unless they are within sight of their own yard. Both doves and pigeons can be tame and taught to do tricks. Training these intelligent birds is very easy, even for the novice beginner. These birds are relatively easy to care for and keep healthy.


Housing for your doves can be from a small bird house to a large loft. Depending on how many birdsPigeon Care Manual you will keep will determine the size of the loft they will need. A paired male and female can be housed in a one square foot roost with and access to the outside. The chicken/pigeon coop book contains some great plans for building a loft for your birds. Here is a tip: Think ahead, how many birds will you have? build your loft or coop to house as many birds as you will need. When you put a male and female together it wont take long and you will have to big a bigger loft. They are very prolific and can lay more eggs before their babies are even out of the nest.

Racing white Pigeons is another fun thing to do with your birds. The sport of pigeon racing has a long history and is as competitive as ever. Racing pigeons are more muscular and athletic. Our white doves are from racing stock and we do race some of our whites. for more information on racing white homers I recommend this ebook

The dove release business is becoming more popular today than ever before. More people are aware of the majesty of releasing doves at a wedding than before. there is still room to promote awareness of celebrating with doves due to the fact that the majority of people have never seen or heard of letting white birds fly at special occasions. Funeral and memorial services are a special time for celebrating releasing a loved one into the Father's hands. A single white dove is symbolic of that event and put punctuation to the fact that a deceased person is moving on.

Fancy Pigeons are used in Magic shows or in ceremonies where the birds don't leave the premises.
Be careful not to purchase regular white utility pigeons for a release business. They do not posses a homing ability and are just as vulnerable to the perils of the wild as are doves. Fan tail pigeons are the most beautiful doves around in my opinion. At weddings some fanciers will put 2 fantails on display in a cage, not to be released.